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Demons from Outer Space

Shut up and hold my 12ga shotgun

Written by  yayo | @gamefeeltuita | 26/06/2019


I don’t remember the last time I felt the compulsion of playing something so hard, the deep desire within, to just play “one more room”, kill “just one more demon”. I’m not sure it’s because I’m just an old grumpy family man that has to steal time to the bed in order to play, or because staying up to 2 am a Sunday night is fucking up my brains…

…OK, I remember now when it happened the last time for me: it was a click-fest, slaying demons from hell with my lovely pale-skinned Summonmancer, playing all night up to that crazy green jungle. Diablo 2 was the thing that managed to keep me up so long until the night became day. And that was just a few weeks ago. Oops.

Now however, I feel I have found a new substitute to my crazy all-night-solo-orgies with Diablo LOD: Jupiter Hell.

That lighting <3

Witness me!

[I wanna do bad things with you]

Ladies and gentlemen: what a lovely life-consumer, demon-slayer sweet sweet rogue-like is becoming out of this! 

I spent some time with the free demo this weekend (more than I’m willing to admit, less than I’d want to), and I will be clear up front: the game is in beta, so don’t expect a fully finished game yet. Bugs appear here and there, there is a (sad-inducing) lack of general content in the game (WE NEED MOAR LOOOOT AND GUNZZZZ)… but everything, from the cute “WARNING: you have a deprecated shitty intel graphic card” (that almost melted my heart) to the slick presentation and music, is good enough already to make you consider spending some time with this game.

Because the ambience is so good! We have to talk about that: despite having just a 30 minute-long demo of demon-smashing carnage, there’s enough substance in there to feel like you are somewhere, going somewhere. The last time I got such powerful vibes even on the main menu was when playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl, and that says a lot coming from me.

Change the “click click click” of Diablo for “tap tap tap” on your arrow keys, and you are engaged without means of escape. The first time I finished a run in noob-mode, I thought I’d just play for 5-10 minutes, when it actually took me 35 minutes to beat all the levels in the demo, without even killing all the fuckers in every room!

Then I tried again using new skills, in all three difficulty levels… and baby, let me tell you something: I’m in love. I cannot wait to keep tap-tapping my way through demon’s blood, meat and poop… because I’m pretty sure that they shit themselves when they see me with my ADV 12ga SHOTGUN, OH YES BABY!

Oh hi Mark

HP  [##U#R#F*CK#D##- – – – – – – –]  69 / 100


Now more seriously: this is a gem in the making. It’s fun, fast and easy to pick up. Sure, there are many many issues and so many things that could be done differently (the UI is clean but there are a few ways that could upstream it a bit, and for the might of the Lord of the lost Jupiter Moons: WE NEED MORE VARIED LOOT!), but really, this is shaping up so well that I regret not throwing up my money when the kickstarter took place.

Luckily for us, the folks at ChaosForge will be launching this monstrosity on Steam in Early Access this August… and if you cannot hold on your pants then you can just get access to the BETA right now on

What are you waiting for?

Infinite rooms!

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